Two days of rain in Los Angeles and I find these in the garden this morning!


4 thoughts on “Mushrooms!

  1. Cute! Is there ever a time you don’t want to have them in your yard? They come up from time to time on my lawn. I wonder if they’ll come up this time with this batch of rain, actually.

    • I love having mushrooms in the yard- all the time! They remind me of little fairy umbrellas and days at summer camp. To be more scientific though, they are merely a fruiting body, and the mycelium are already in the soil. A few California natives that I know seem to almost be fearful of them, and refer to all fungi as “toadstools.” Maybe you know what’s behind all that?

  2. Hi Sam!
    I love the look of these mushrooms. It seems that every year there are different varieties of mushrooms popping up around my Minneapolis gardens. It’s funny how they just appear out of nowhere. They are fun to see though. I hope to get some photos this year, last year I was too busy.


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