Flower buds

I love the wind!

Taking pictures on a windy day like today is quite a challenge. I wanted to take more pics of all the buds, but this will suffice. (I also wanted to stop before I got frustrated at the wind moving the plants.)


This little succulent isn’t ready to bud yet- it just makes me happy! Many of them are though.


This winter, this succulent really took off.  Looks like we’ll have yellow flowers soon!


The oregano is budding.  We tried to stop it from flowering, but it’s clearly time for our perennial oregano to flower. 20130514-171009.jpgOur pineapple sage, in a pot by the front gate, is starting to flower.  The leaves at the base are yellowing, and we’re not sure what’s going on.  This plant smells so delicious, and we hope it survives!

And now, I must admit, that I posted these pictures because I’m becoming a big blog dork.  Recently I have found a couple pages where I could link the blog, and hopefully find more people who want to read about our humble garden.  I quickly posted links, and then read the rules who was allowed to post, and realized I hadn’t done those things.  For example, I linked the Harvest Monday blog, and didn’t have a harvest blog (or a harvest) this past Monday.  Yes, I felt blog guilt.

So today, I proudly am putting up a link, and joining the Garden Appreciation Society.

*Pause for applause and cheers*

 photo GAS-LOGO_zpse4bdf51a.gif

Thank you!


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