It’s a weird time of year

I’ve been reading about planting the fall crops.  I know back in those places where they have a winter, there’s a push to get vegetables in before a hard frost.  Here in Southern California, we don’t worry about frost (our problem is simply heat and shorter daylight).

I’ll post a tour of the garden soon, and you can see for yourself how things look.  We have plants that are smaller and recovering and we have plants that are about ready to be pulled out.  Last week I transplanted a yellow zucchini, some bush beans, a few cilantro and a pumpkin.

I’ve been meaning to get outside and do more work.


Rosie is always eager to spend time in the garden. We decided today would be a good day for starting more seeds.


David and I ate lunch by the table I had prepped (notice his foot) and then I got to work with the seeds.  I planted many things including buttercrunch lettuce (heads), cilantro, romanesco, brussel sprouts, red and green pak choi and basil.

Last September was quite warm, so I planted both warm and cool season vegetables.  We’ll see what germinates, where we have space (there’s a couple of tomatoes ready to be pulled out) and figure out the plan for the beds as we go.

David has been adding layers to the lasagna beds and sprayed everything for powdery mildew.


He used his Ghostbusters-style backpack to spray the plants, filling it with water, milk, baking soda, dishsoap and apple cider vinegar. It was fun to watch him spray the plants, and the powdery mildew just came off the surface!  Hopefully this will help save our young leaves from dying.


There was a calm breeze today, which Shadow appreciated.  I took this after he chased the curtain cord up onto the ledge.

The cats have also been stalking critters outside.


This skipper (I think) landed on a squash leaf in the backyard.


Of course, Mardi enjoyed the sunshine and breeze more than chasing the butterflies.

Hopefully we’ll keep the breeze, as the still air is what can make the next couple of months feel warmer than they are. For now, we have a cool evening, which David is using to roast red kuri squash and cauliflower.  Our kitchen is full of vegetables in need of cooking, and we’re excited to get going!




10 thoughts on “It’s a weird time of year

  1. what is the ratio for the powdery mildew solution? our zucchini just got attacked by it! I had to rip up 3 plants 😦
    I’ve been trying to avoid watering in the evening but they are right next to all our fall greens and they need the water in the heat. It’s a little hard to hand water seeing as we have a baby and a 3 year old.

    • I posted it in another blog and hope I got it right. Pamela, from added that she uses a spray called Serenade that works pretty well on her pumpkins. My husband is the one who’s been spraying and did the research. He decided to make a spray with a little bit of everything that he read worked. He mixed 2 cups whole milk with 9 cups of water- milk kills the mildew. He then added 1/8 cup baking soda, which helps prevent it spreading and makes it harder to grow because it raises the pH. He added 1/8 cup apple cider vinegar to also raise the acidity. The last thing he added was 2 tablespoons dish soap (Castille soap is recommended)which helps spread the baking soda. He combined a bunch of different things and with reapplication every 1-2 weeks. The severely infected leaves died, and we’ve been happy with the results.

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