Today I cleaned up the long beans and scarlet runners that are growing along the back fence. Nights are dropping into the 50’s with days in the 80’s- fall is here in Los Angeles! I found dried scarlet runners and long beans to set aside for next year, a few new yellow beans (the plants are getting a little powdery mildew) and a heap of long beans. Quick pickles are happening! This week the plan is also to make pesto and chimmichurri for the freezer and pull out our waning Isis Candy. Our baby cabbages and broccoli should be ready to plant soon!


Avocado regrowth


Each weekend has passed quickly without time for blogging. We’ve been planting our fall garden and already have many greens and radishes growing. Last weeks we started seed flats with 5 varieties of cabbage, 3 kinds of broccoli and more. Garlic and shallots are going in the weekend and maybe we’ll have time to make tomato sauce (as we’re still getting San Marzanos).

I’ll try to post pictures more often, and keep posts shorter.

Yesterday I noticed that our stump branch on the avocado tree is resprouting! We’re hoping that this will mean we can actually reach the avocados in the future. Until then, our neighbor who is a roofer offered to help us get down frui.