We have garlic scapes! The garlic that we planted was two varieties- one given to us at a food swap and the other purchased at the farmers market. Turns out, it was mostly soft neck and fast growing!

We already have soft neck garlic drying on the laundry line, and 5 hard neck garlic still growing. Today I picked these beautiful scapes.


I have no idea what to do with them! We want to make something other than pesto- something that lets us enjoy our small treat.

This morning, while taking my stroll around the yard with the dog, I noticed a lot of activity in an avocado tree. Turns out the bushtits have built a nest! Perhaps it’s from the same family as last year?


Last year, the little babies didn’t make it.  The branch that they built the nest on has since been removed.  I was excited to spot the nest up much higher!  Mom and Dad were flitting in and out of the nest.  Hopefully there will be more news to come!



4 thoughts on “Treats

  1. Scapes are good pickled. I also blanche them and then freeze them to use in stir-fries and omelettes and such all year long. They are so pretty, and good fresh in salad. You are so lucky to have them already. Our garlic patch is still covered in snow, but at least they have been well protected all winter.

    • I know! I actually found a scape on one of the garlic plants about a month ago. This year has been unseasonably warm for us here in CA, while the rest of the country is still buried under snow!

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